The return of my railway modelling blog – OMWB!

After playing around with various software packages, .php and databases, I have realised that this may be the easiest way to get my blog back under way. Thoughts of clever programming with a special web package I used to create the Nairnshire Modelling Supplies web site were overtaken by developments in the log cabin (dubbed ‘Wendy House’ by a certain Mr Steve Jones) where construction of a large layout has commenced. Including a helix. I must be off my trolley!

L Girder baseboards.

L Girder baseboards.

36 linear feet of table top has been constructed so far, with another 20 feet to go!

Corner turn back baseboard.

Work has commenced on the helix itself, an adventure in carpentry in which accuracy is critical to its reliable operation. In the meantime, there have been some additions to the UK-outline fleet, notable another Hornby Class 60.

Hornby Class 60.

Hornby Class 60.

The rest of Hornby’s release programme for 2008 looks pretty impressive with several Class 31s, the Hew HST and Class 153 to emerge. Also just hitting the model shops are the Rudds, Clams and Topes.  More soon!


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