Proofing – not my favourite way of killing time.

Proof reading – necessary but an evil consumer of valuable modelling time. Or so it seems to me. There’s always something that escapes notice but as careful as one can be , a typo slips through the net. Especially when it’s a 186-page modelling book. All those captions, words, images…

As the yellow tags in the colour proof above show, work bench time is being swallowed by proofing. A digital colour print of my next modelling book, which is due to go to press in the next few weeks, sits on my desk, staring at me accusingly if I shun it in favour of the GLV project or that helix job. Intended for newcomers to the hobby or those looking to indulge in some detailing and weathering for the first time, this book looks at making the best of ready to run wagons. There’s no doubt that things are looking up on the OO gauge wagon front with the imminent arrival of the Bachmann BDA air braked bogie bolster wagon.

Bogie detail together with the bolsters looks particularly good. The wagon has some nice proportions too. It’s going to be a popular one. One thought on the bogie mouldings – Bachmann could do many of us a favour and make them available as a separate item in a blister pack. I think they would sell like hell!

Hornby Rudd:
Another arrival OMWB is the Hornby ‘Rudd’. I acquired the 3-pack of weathered wagons and the excellent quality of the paint job is spoiled a bit by the general coat of that strangely yellowish tan colour Hornby uses for weathering. Still, it is a useful wagon, nicely tooled and very desirable for post 1990s modellers. especially me – I need lots of them, to run behind a pair of Heljan Class 33s.

There will be comparisons made with the original model – inevitably. Many of us have built the lovely Parkside Dundas plastic kit, which is a rather good effort in it’s own right, even though much of the air brake equipment was not included in the kit on its initial release. This is all I have to say in the way of comparing the two:

In the meantime, I shall leave you to draw your own conclusions.


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