Breaking up is hard to do…

…especially when it’s a layout that has seen many hours of work and effort put into it. This is the situation for my fellow club member and friend, Graeme Elgar. A house move sees the end of Cold Blow Lane, a BR(S) layout in OO gauge, now no more. It’s not all bad; the baseboards are off to the Inverness and District MRC for its new OO gauge D&E layout and Graeme is about to see the construction of an out building for another layout at his new home.

Anyway, a few beers were sunk on it’s last running evening as I took the opportunity to grab a few pictures of the layout before it was gently taken apart. Graeme had reached the scenery stage and the layout was otherwise a fully operational DCC project which did run particularly well.

He knew how to slap a bit of Peco Streamline down too. This is the entrance to one end of the staging yard (above).

As this shot reveals, it was a bi-level design, bringing maximum operating potential for a given area of baseboard.

One of his crazy lever frames for controlling movements on the layout. Only Graeme knew exactly how this worked but then he is a signalman! Anyway, Cold Blow Lane, RIP, gone before the ballast. Sometimes that’s the way it goes with railway modelling!


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