Taking a look at the Bachmann VDA…

It’s here, the very nice looking Bachmann VDA. I was fortunate enough to acquire a sample of the bauxite brown one.

Bachmann continues to support D&E wagon modellers with some useful models. This one follows the usual pattern of articulated axle guards and NEM coupling pockets fitted to the articulated section.

The colours and printing look just fine too, nice and crisp…

As does the tooling…this model has lots of potential for reworking into timber wagons and those rebuilt for carrying spoil. Detailing buffs will enjoy upgrading the underframe, changing the axle boxes and applying weathering too.

Whilst technical specs look good, with NEM coupling pockets at the correct height, it took me a moment to work out what was wrong with the printed running number – it’s for a VAA – in theory – but actually a VDA – the original one, not a ‘production’ VDA as depicted by the Bachmann model.  Some modellers may prefer to tighten up the axle guard units to stiffen the underframe, I certainly will do that, if not replace them completely as they are not that convincing. Renumbering and recoding to a more up to date VDA code is no problem either, using available transfer sets. So all, in all, not a bad effort. We shall see what the reviews in various magazines will have to say about this new model.


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