Choosing track is important. The N scale project had to be equipped with track which closely follows US practice and looks close to the wooden sleepered track used on Montana Rail Link. I considered a variety of trackage systems before settling on Atlas code 55.

The rail cross section is nice and fine. Sleeper (tie) detail is crisp and sharp. Note the rail spikes on alternate sides of the rail for each baseplate on the set track.

There is a wide selection of turnouts and crossings available including a monster #10. This is the #7 switch:

#5 switch for use in staging yards and other non-scenic areas:

Turnouts are fitted with metal isolated crossing vees which are controlled with a SPST switch for polarity switching when the turnout is set. It does not rely on contact between stock rails and switch rails to conduct power, thankfully and they should perform well with DCC control. One point to note about this track – the typical heavy pizza cutter N scale wheel set won’t run at all well on it. Low profile wheels are the only way!


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