Track laying commences on the (N scale) MRL 4th Sub.

Track laying in Missoula Yard, or rather the west leads and reception roads (4th Sub Milepost 122.13 to 122.87 at West Missoula Yard Limit), has commenced.

For to model the whole yard would require a building many feet in length and the resulting track purchase would bankrupt me! Cork road bed was cut and stuck down last night after the track formation was determined. This morning, everything appeared as it should – nice level cork without bulges and other unwanted deformation.

Work commences on the east end of the layout representing Missoula MT.

Cork placement will continue so that the cross overs at MP122.86, tracks 5 and 6, the ACS lead, the main line and the stock yard lead can be placed as phase 1 of the layout project. This means that additional track detail can be added later after the layout is up for test running. Additional lines can be added later before scenery commences. The track is pinned initially for alignment. Those pins will be removed after the ballasting is complete and there is sufficient glue to hold both the track and ballast in place. That’s a long way off of course.

In effect, the West End is a reception/departure yard as intended by the original builders of the full size yard. It leads into a return loop (off-scene) with access to seven storage yards that will hold seven 12 ft trains. There will be one running line in that area which is a return loop line representing the MRL 10th Sub which climbs away at 2.2% grade up Evaro Hill from Desmet at MP126. The mainline to Desmet and the junction complete with its signal bridge will be placed next.

The challenge is achieving reasonable distances between ‘stations’ so the tail of the longest trains is not half way down one yard when entering the next.

The following image shows more detail including the off-scene loop and the relationship to the second layout deck.

A last image of progress so far. More after the weekend!

Dundee show:
It’s the Dundee exhibition this weekend and I will be attending with the Nairnshire Modelling Supplies trade stand with all those essential modelling materials and components. I look forward to seeing you there. Our next outing after that will be Newcastle show on 8th and 9th November.


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