DRS and Tesco start at last…

After what seems like an ice age or two, the Tesco Intermodal operation between Grangemouth and Inverness finally starts. After a fashion. The first train consisted of empty boxes as a practice run. More trial runs are scheduled for next week. DRS Class 66 No.66 415 did the honours today. It was great to be out and about on a lovely fresh morning, chasing trains. Not done this for a while!

The following picture was taken today at Tomatin at MP100.75 on the Highland main line – 10.31hrs.

Arrival at Welsh’s Bridge, Inverness. DRS has taken over the former carriage cleaning depot, knocked most of it down and built a pretty nifty intermodal terminal on the site.

An example of the twenty boxes loaded on the trial train. It consisted of ten pairs of intermodal flats.

The new intermodal terminal at Inverness. There are loco release cross-overs at the end of each of the three roads.

Whilst watching the action at the new terminal as the DRS crew work through the procedures, there was some activity with Class 08, No. 08 308 by the newest carriage servicing shed on the Inverness site. It appears to be in a spot of trouble judging by the number of orange jackets in attendance…

Spare Pug to the rescue!


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