Light relief from track…

Back to some joinery. As the track has reached it’s end on the lower level of stage 1 of the project, I thought it was time to prepare the middle deck. First job was to cut the cross pieces or ‘joists’ that would hold risers for the permanent way.  All of those fitted to the upright supports are fitted with steel corner brackets for additional strength. After all, the second deck is technically a floating shelf.


The joists are screwed (but not glued) in place  – those fitted with steel brackets cannot be relocated though – they have a structural job to do. The others can be adjusted to clear scenic features like rivers and creeks. They may also be adjusted for position to clear turnout motors and the like. Thus it’s important not to glue them just yet. I only use screws until I an absolutely sure that they are correctly located in their final spot.


The blue arrow indicates those fitted with steel corner brackets. They make quite a difference to the stability of the shelf which is 20 inches wide.


Here’s a view looking the other way towards the balloon fiddle yard track on the lower level. Note that the very wide angle used on the camera lens has distorted the image slightly.

Waiting on the Bachmann MPV?
Bachmann stuff takes an age to arrive. Sometimes, it’s so slow at producing new stuff that you could deposit a single Euro in a high interest account (even now) and the cost of the model will be covered by the time it arrives! Seriously though, if like me you like these things and are keen for a good off-the-shelf model, here’s an image of one on proper freight duties taken at Walsall. Just to whet the appetite!


To be fair to Bachmann, it’s doing some very nice limited editions at the moment. One of its latest efforts is this Class 08 shunter in NSE livery for The Signal Box.

And…it’s only a couple of days before we discover ‘officially’ what is in Hornby’s 2009 release programme…


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