Spiders in the night…

…so sang Ozzy Osbourne. In lofts, sheds and garages too by all accounts. The humble spider causes havoc on some layouts with webs and other such detritus like dead and half eaten flies. I must confess to not having suffered too much from spider ingress in the cabin in which I am building the N scale MRL 4th Sub. Not that I dislike spiders; on the contrary, I like spiders rather a lot and never kill them when I see them in the house. Modellers in Oz may take a different view depending on how stingy and how deadly the particular arachnid they encounter happens to be. However, here in the Scottish Highlands, spiders grow to the size of a Euro piece and are nothing more than a few minutes entertainment for the cats.

So, smug in the secure knowledge that spiders are not causing me any grief, I happened upon the following in the layout cabin yesterday…



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