Freezing cold in Nairn…

…and the cats are hugging radiators. Ever popular is our large Douvre wood burning stove in the living room which really pumps the heat for the sake of a stick of fire wood or two and the cats lounge around it on a shaggy woollen rug. Here’s the foursome absorbing heat from the stove. It takes effort to prevent them from actually cooking in front of it!


Meet Miss Nibbles, our twelve year old torty tabby – very serene lady indeed. Keeps the kittens in line!


Here’s No.1 head cat, after me of course! This is Foxy, a large male British Short Hair. Laid back but very much in charge. The kittens think he’s wonderful, if a little large.


The kittens: Katie (rear) and Sophie (front) enjoying the heat from the stove. They are just over 12 months old now.


Katie again – the larger of the two sisters. Health and Safety Manager – investigates everything with caution that would put HSE staff to shame but not adverse to climbing curtains to dive bomb a papyrus plant…


Sophie in her usual position: upside down in a soft, warm radiator bed. She is the complete opposite to Katie – does not take life at all seriously. A real It -girl of the cat world.


The effects of freezing fog in our trees. Minus 5 degrees last night here in Nairn and cold today too. However, the effect is stunning.



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