DRS/Tesco/Stobart Rail Inverness service officially launched…

Eddie and James came to town!

Yes it’s true. The DRS Stobart Rail pair of Class 66/4s were both present for the official launch on Tuesday Jan 20th of the new Highland intermodal service on which has been featured here before. Notably, the solid use of Stobart boxes is now becoming mixed with the Tesco branded LessCO2 ones, introducing some variety. It appears the joint venture including Russells has settled down and Tesco is comfortable with the arrangements. The service will take around 17,000 lorries off the Highland A9.

Eddie the Engine (66 411) sits by the carriage cleaning depot awaiting its next move…in a rare flash of sunlight for what was a sleatly, snowy sort of day.


Side on of ‘Eddie’ showing all of the livery detail. Stands out a bit… Note the reach stacker in the back ground. For the record, 37 510 was also present.

That’s ‘James’ leading the south bound train with empty boxes, doubled up with ‘Eddie’. Unfortunately, departure was too late for a shot up on the Nairn viaduct at Culloden Moor. Dusk was beginning to fall and the weather closed in again.

There are a couple of livery differences between the two, including cab roof colour and markings. Anyway, despite the weather, some pictures were possible. Roll on the balmy weather of spring and photographing this train in better conditions.


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