Playing trains and Harrogate show.

Since my new supply of track arrived, track laying has gone swiftly, resulting in the completion of track on the lower level Phase 1 and a connection onto the helix. A temporary line has been laid to enable continuous running around the lower level until the track is complete on the middle deck. Anyway, it’s any excuse to run trains.

Or is that ‘play’ trains?


A coal drag awaits on a local as it leaves the temporary link line which enables continuous running on the lower deck. When you start operations, there are the inevitable adjustments that need to be made to settle things down. However, the quality of Atlas track has certainly proved itself to me. For the record, the first train to run up the helix on DCC control was a ………… Graham Farish Virgin Class 220 Voyager…there, I have said it now!


I have established (!!) that I do not have nearly enough stock…the trains are too short, except that coal drag. However, buying freight cars has to be done carefully so the choices make sense, fitting the era and location as closely as possible.


The coal drag moves off west. I have 30 coal loads to make up…and more coal cars planned.


Another meet at what will become DeSmet junction at Milepost 126, west of Missoula. There’s two signal bridges to go in together with a Lafarge cement terminal at this location. It is here where the MRL 10th Sub diverges from the water level route or 4th Sub. I need more intermodal cars too…at least two sets of five cars…to boost that train length.


More testing work…the intermodal cars are built from white metal and etched stainless steel kits produced at one time by Alan Curtis. the track in the foreground has yet to be stuck to the foam tape road bed.


Construction of the roadbed on the second deck has commenced, with the cork already placed. Track laying commences next week, after I return from the Harrogate show!

The Festival of British Railway Modelling – Harrogate:
It’s this weekend (31st Jan and 1st Feb) at the Yorkshire Event Centre (Harrogate Show Ground) and I will be there with a small display of some of my British outline EM gauge models. I will also have a sample copy of my next book which looks at the detailing and upgrading of ready to run wagons in 4mm scale. It’s due out any day!


I look forward to seeing you there – don’t miss it, there’s some really good layouts this year.


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