One of those wonderfully mild February days.

For once, the combination of mild weather, up to 14 degrees centigrade and a Class 37 on the Highland line coincided very nicely. DRS ran its intermodal service back to Grangemouth yesterday with 37 688 dead in train.


The action was caught on camera as the train climbed away from the Moray Firth, up to the Nairn Viaduct at Culloden Moor with 66 433 in charge.



Photographing it made for a welcome outdoor break from preparing for the big AMRSS  Model Rail show being staged this weekend at the Glasgow SECC. Don’t forget, we will be having a 10% discount promo on all Shawplan Models branded products displayed on the Nairnshire Modelling Supplies stand this weekend!

Also about to arrive this morning, as I type this, will be our new heat source pump to replace a conventional electric central heating system. This is our latest renewable energy scheme, and I will post more on that when it’s possible to grab some pictures.


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