Potato Run

Spring is just around the corner and the seed potato train runs again for the second year. EWS has the contract once again – oops – that should read DBS has the contract for this year. Anyway, Class 66, No. 66 112 was still in maroon and gold when photographed yesterday, me hanging over the stone wall beside Gordon’s timber to grab a shot because I missed the train’s arrival in Nairn.

It runs roughly weekly and the change from last year is in the rolling stock with older ferry vans being utilised. It originates with a load from Elgin, running via Inverness Millburn Yard.


A little clag is seen as the train powers past Delnies shortly after leaving Nairn.


The stock used on the first run for this year are these older ferry vans – eight of them making up a decent length train. That’s a lot of tatties!

Decoder prices:
A quick note on decoder prices. Some people have emailed me regarding indicated prices published in issues of BRM from 2007 and 2008. Why can’t they now buy them for the suggested retail prices originally published in reviews and articles?

If you don’t mind me pointing out the obvious, and to save my inbox from overload; please take a look at the 3 month and6 month charts of the Dollar to Pound Sterling and Euro to Pound Sterling exchange rates on a financial web site and work it out for your selves…


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