Bridge works.

In between time devoted to packing rtr wagon modelling books for all those who have kindly ordered copies (thank you!), I have completed some bridge works on Dudley Heath Yard.  I present the latest batch of pictures which show several developments. Firstly, the patch of horrible green to the front has been removed. Why I used that particular scatter colour, even as an experiment, is beyond me…

Secondly, work on retaining walls and bridge girders has commenced. There is still a lot of naked white styrene evident. That will soon be finished and coloured! A nice engineers blue brick colour for starters, followed up with lighter grey highlights and Anita Decor mortar for revealing the bricks.

A temporary place holder support prevents the bridge deck from sagging under the weight of models that cross it.


The bare patch in the foreground shows where an inappropriate scenery product was tried. It pays, based on experience, to buy the best you can afford. I like the materials from The Model Tree Co. and Woodland Scenics, both of which will be used to create the late winter scenery on this layout.


late winter scenery means darker colours because of the typically damp conditions of the season and greater contrast between light and dark. Frost burnt and dry coloured dead grasses with traces of underlying green from dormant weeds will prevail. before that, I have brick work to finish, capping stones to apply, ballast to place and colouring to add to many parts of the layout.

The mess resulting from construction at the opposite end of the layout is evident. Somewhere to stash bags of ballast and other bits is always needed but I should keep the layout clear and use a separate table for that kind of stuff. Note the first of the ballasting work in the foreground. The permanent supports for the bridge are being constructed on the work bench.


The latest ‘ up the yard’ progress shot. Things will slow for a couple of days whilst I finish packing and shipping book orders. However, I plan to finish the bridge support details and do the colouring work on the basic structure next week, opening the way for ballast to be placed in the rest of the yard. Following that, bridge girders will be detailed together with detailing of the upper line with cable troughs, signalling bases, equipment bases and other similar things.


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