Dapol’s finest in N.

New-Out999_997There’s some great looking N gauge models coming from Dapol at the moment and I could not resist offering a sneak look at the Class 156 and Mk.3 coaches, all of which will be hitting the shops pretty soon; if they have not already done so.  The models featured here will be examined and written up for BRM. But in the meantime, the technical specs are really good, with pick-ups in the coaches for lighting bars, 6-pin DCC interface sockets, wheel sets so close to NMRA standards that virtually all the stock ran through my Atlas code 55 track without a hitch. The pick-ups are through the pinpoint axles on the DVT, Mk.3s and the Class 156. Oh, yes, and etched brake discs too…

The Class 156 features close coupling options, working lights, a motor and drive fitted to the underfloor area so you can see into the passenger compartment and a lovely finish. Anyway, here’s the pics…
CRW_6824_JFRCRW_6826_JFRCRW_6831_JFRCRW_6829_JFRCRW_6832_JFRCRW_6834_JFRIt’s enough to make me seriously consider switching to British outline N gauge…I am preparing a book: “Making a Start in N gauge” for The Crowood Press and so I have to get to grips with this growing and hugely improving scale as far as British outline is concerned. As for the US stuff, I am well down the line with that, although the MRL project awaits a couple of big trestle kits to be delivered so progress on the mainline can resume.

In the meantime, there’s been a couple of scratch build projects OMWB recently, including this KEA (inner) in 4mm scale. The end platform handrails are a compromise; I used an A1 Models product intended for the Hornby PGA; anything for an easy life. Scratchbuilding always has some compromise and pragmatism for the sake of getting the model completed in a reasonable time span and for sanity’s sake!CRW_6843_JFR


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