More N gauge Class 67s from Dapol…

A very nicely presented pack with EWS executive silver 67 029 and DVT No. 82146 will be available in N gauge by the end of August. Here’s a couple of shots of the pair to whet the appetite together with a couple of pictures of ‘Royal’ 67 006, also available soon.New-Out997_996
The nameplates and crests supplied as separate etchings to complete 67 006 are beautifully done. They were fitted to the model with matt varnish – Vallejo matt acrylic varnish is a close match to the Dapol factory finish.
Etched nameplates are supplied with 67 029 too, should the post 2007 condition be desired. I have not fitted them to the model shown above. Bufferbeam detailing is supplied and shown fitted to 67 029 (above) which includes some very fine air brake hoses.

New-Out988_987In all, exciting developments from Dapol and to a very high standard indeed – they will be popular. Now, there is a small matter of there not being a decent 4mm scale model currently available. Any takers for a hi fidelity attempt with a decent drive?


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