It’s a bit of an animal…

…according to my fellow modeller and friend, Graeme Elgar.

Some progress has been made on my layout of late, even if it has not appeared here. Baseboard frames are still under construction for Phase 2 of the project and any photography before the stage shown above would just show the mess in the cabin – off-cuts of wood everywhere, tools and clamps lying around – a real shambles. Before Phase 2 commenced, the last chance for a clear view across the cabin to Phase 1 (the along the walls bit) was photographed:


This view looks into the corner with West Missoula Junction. Temporary location and milepost cards are now in place to assist with operations until the scenery is started (above).

Towards DesMet Junction and the helix…

New construction commences with the central peninsula. Sorry about the surrounding mess – I did warn you (above)!

The end of the peninsula which has a base of box construction using 4 x 1 inch timber and 2 decks with L-girder. The view above is during construction of the second deck with L-girders assembled insitu.

In with the third deck which forms a continuous loop around the back of the cabin. The link to the wall section is in place to form a 6ft high ‘nod-under’, preferable to a low ‘duck-under’! The third deck will hold by scenic test track for British outline 4mm scale models.

The latest pictures to be taken show the walk-in part of the layout (above) with all three decks in place and the track road bed being cut and fitted (below).

That is the main line track bed being installed on the scenic test track. The deck on the opposite side of the supports (which will provide an attachment for a scenic dividing back drop) is free for a different project! So, as you can see, Graeme may have a point compared to traditional baseboard construction – it’s a bit of an animal. However,  space for a layout is available vertically as well as horizontally, so go an explore the opportiunities this may present. The woodwork was hard, is not pretty (won’t matter, it will be hidden under scenery) but very solid. Now to track laying!


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