Top deck stuff.

The time to start working out exact train lengths on the top deck baseboards has arrived. My (modern) 4mm scale (OO and EM gauge) Blue Pullman set has made an appearance to help with this work. No matter how good track planning software is, I still prefer to lay trains and turnout templates on the actual boards. After all, track planning software cannot make the space you have any bigger – that’s a fixed ‘given’ and cannot be easily changed. Visual planning work like this is often far more reliable.

This train is 10 units long: 9 plus 1 which is the maximum length I can manage in the three planned train roads. This will permit charters to be top and tailed with 8 in the middle, so my Blue Pullman set may have to be reduced by one coach if operated in and out of the train roads with both Class 47s. In case you are wondering about my ‘layout design element’ for this scenic test track; lets say that it has 3 train roads and three berthing sidings, the boards for which has the Class 47 and train sitting on them. There is a branch off to the right of the picture, heading towards the camera. The double track main line is behind the train roads and drops on a slight incline to a tunnel – you can probably see the grade in the distance. The location is in the south, near the sea side and has a lovely signal box opposite the leads into the train roads. As final clue: there are two short (staggered) staff halt platforms at this location too.

Sea urchin:CRW_8249_RT8
S-Kits has done a very nice resin and metal Sea Urchin kit in 4mm scale. The basic kit allows for variations in this type of wagon including the differences in brake levers.CRW_8259_RT8

That’s it for today – lots of modelling to do – the Sea Urchin is in the paint shop.


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