DRS fights back…with Class 37s on the Highland line.

DRS has started operating a new intermodal service to and from Inverness, probably in response to the loss of the Tesco traffic to rail freight operator, DB Schenker. Currently being run as a trial for Russells, the service made its first run yesterday. It was photographed at Moy with 37 038 in charge shortly after its 09.22 departure from Inverness.

Following a short recess in the loop at Moy, the train was caught on camera at Tomatin. Weather: changeable, but some brightness allowed for some reasonable photography.

I also took the opportunity to take update my library with shots of the north bound sleeper (Culloden Moor)) and the London bound Highland Chieftain (Feabuie):

Whilst we all hope that DB Schenker will reverse the fortunes of EWS by becoming more aggressive in winning freight contracts, we also hope that they would target road bound flows to increase rail freight’s market share, not work to take traffic from other operators, especially those that did work to secure business from road haulage. Sadly, in the case of the Tesco train from Grangemouth to Inverness, that is not the case. This scene of blue DRS Class 66s on the Tesco train on the Highland line will soon cease to be from November. As enthusiasts, we must never take anything forgranted on this railway of today! Things change so quickly, so photograph it as and when you can.



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