Dapol Class 153s – launched at Warley.

153-11Colour and character are two of the features of the very soon to be released Dapol N gauge Class 153 model – cute to say the least. Yet, they are no nonsense models in every respect with a high level of technical specification. Here’s a selection of pictures to whet the appetite – I think these will fly off the shop shelves. A full review with more detailed pictures will feature soon in British Railway Modelling.

153-9153334 is dressed in London Midland City livery – one that really suits the model very well. Features include all-wheel drive, creep control motor and a 6-pin DCC interface socket. This view (above) shows the rebuilt cab end with plated over windows and exhaust port.

153-10The original Class 155 cab as modelled on 153334. Note the separate footsteps for access to the door at this end of the model.

153-3Central Trains operated a fleet of Class 153s on routes such as Wolverhampton to Walsall, Lincoln to Cleethorpes together with Stafford to Stoke-on-Trent services, to mention a few. This model is a powered version and numbered 153333. The model has working running lights which have separate switches on the underside of the model. A light bar connection is also included for interior lighting.153-2Liveries are nicely applied and compare well with published photographs. 153302 is presented in East Midlands Trains’ colours.


Working couplings fitted to a cam mechanism are applied to both ends of the Class 153 model. Running a Dapol Class 156 and 153 together is simple. A dummy Class 156 model could be easily powered by a Class 153 whilst a powered Class 156 would handle a dummy Class 153 with ease.153-7

The use of dummy and powered versions of Class 153s and 156s together with a neat and compatible coupling system makes multiple working flexible and enjoyable on a layout!CRW_0012_JFR153-5Dummy and powered Class 153s coupled together. The ploughs are supplied as separate detailing parts and easily fitted to mounting holes in the underside of the model. The dummy CT model is numbered 153383.153-8The roof pops off easily to gain access to the interior for fitting a decoder and interior lighting bar.

CRW_0031_JFRDapol has hidden the drive mechanism and motor under the interior seating unit, leaving the windows clear of obstructions – a neat feature introduced with the Class 156.

153-1A neat livery finish, nicely defined details and an overall good shape makes the means the Dapol Class 153 meets the expectations set by the Class 156. Good technical details including working running lights, a DCC interface socket and interior detailing makes this a sure winner – i am sure you will agree! If you have notplaced a reservation on one by now, do so as soon as you can – they won’t last long!

I would like to thank David Jones of Dapol for the opportunity to look over and photograph the Class 153 models.


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