New transfers…renumber packs for rtr models and repaints.

One of the Nairnshire Modelling Supplies projects for 2009 was to work on the artwork for a new range of transfers. This is NMS-1; the first sheet of high quality scale water slide transfers for 4mm scale OO gauge BR blue and grey era locomotives together with general user grey and ‘Dutch’ yellow grey livery. They are intended to be renumbering packs for ready to run models where repainting over an already accurate and well applied livery just to change the model’s identity would seem such a waste.

Sarah and I took the opportunity to add a few extra livery elements to it so to offer added value and to enable those modellers repainting their models to be able to use basically a single sheet. The sheet includes numbers – lots of them, double arrows, two types of electrification warning notice and data panels. Also included are small black cab front numbers for modellers wishing to use this sheet and its white TOPS numbers for BR ‘Dutch’ and general user grey liveries and some numbers in the more modern typeface for figures 0, 2 and 7 which are appearing on some preserved and heritage locomotives combined with the more traditional Rail Alphabet numbers. Of course, if you find, with this sheet, that you run out of a ‘0’ or a ‘1’ from the lines of numbers, the set class numbers could be easily separated. For example, the 08 would yield an individual 0 and 8, so there is lot’s to work on!  This sheet will retail for £3.95.

The next one is nearly ready;  the same format but for Sectorisation engines using black number sets, black data panels, tiny front cab numbers together with the post-2000 modern electrification warning flash. This will be followed by BR Large Logo and Inter-City sector locos and a sheet for coaching stock. All primarily intended as high quality and high value renumber packs for rtr models. N gauge is a possibility too if this new venture for Nairnshire Modelling Supplies gains good support.


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