EM Gauge Hornby ‘Javelin’.

I must be nuts…

But here is an Hitachi Class 395 in 4mm scale on the ‘Top Deck’ layout – running a treat on Black Beetle wheels and awaiting the additional coaches to make up a full set. The loss of traction tyres as a result of the re-wheeling of the single power bogie was negligible.

I am already running (have run) out of stabling room in the fiddle yards and having to consider some further radical layout design for this deck before things progress too far. To incorporate the HO scale US outline layout on the other side of the double sided back scene on the peninsula seen above, I am planning to make the Top Deck multi level with a second level 4 inches over the current fiddle yards. It solves a number of problems; one of which would have been the reaching over scenic HO layout to reach stock in the ‘Ashford’ fiddle yard of the British layout. Okay, the scenic bit was not going to be that deep and the location I am toying with as a concept is flat farm land, with no soya bean or grain elevators along the modelled section in front of the fiddle yard. Nonetheless, there is one scenic feature of Mason City Iowa, and one of its rail roads which would be prone to damage!

Some train detection equipment will be needed for the EM gauge layout fiddle yard. However, only two of the roads will be out of sight in the revised plan. Upshot is the addition of many more fiddle yard roads for the EM gauge layout and more room for American HO equipment too! Just as well with two Bachmann 4mm scale 4-Ceps on their way…and a love for grain and soya bean hopper cars in HO scale… Not to mention that ‘Javelin’ set.


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