Adjusting the fleet…

With 2009 drawing to a close, and work on the Top Deck layout, my Kent Coast theme, progressing once again, time has come to complete a clear out of unwanted models which are, nonetheless, very interesting. I will be selling off my NSE Class 165 and 166 units from Platform 4a & 4b as that layout is to be dismantled in the New Year to make room for new projects. Also to go is a Freightliner Class 66, 66 610. I am not sure why I bought it now and even though it’s been nicely weathered, rewired for better DCC control of the tail lights, it’s never really found a niche. Now, it’s being pushed out by more Class 33s!

It is equipped with a basic decoder and can be operated on an analogue layout too.  Kadees are fitted but set for shallow curves, so owners of layouts with sharp curves will have to change them for No.36 couplers.

Another model built to use up a Hurst Models detailing pack is this Northern Rail Class 156 by Hornby:

New and barely used, I fitted a Hurst Models underframe detailing pack to it along with other details and new gangways that meet correctly.

The roof of each car has been detailed and repainted too.

A lot of work has gone into the under frames…note the separate engines, transmissions, exhaust silencers, electrical equipment boxes and isolator cabinet, fuel tanks and various suspension air tanks.

Side views showing how much better the underframes appear with separate components.

A combination of Kadee couplings and A1 Models gangways closes up the inner end gap but will enable the train to traverse curves. In all, a lot of work has gone into this model!

If you are interested in eith of these models, they are listed on Ebay. The Class 156 is item number 270505903931 and the Class 66 is item 270505900800. I am yet to list the Class 165 and 166 Thames turbo units. They are not as straight forward as they are both in EM gauge and fitted with decoders for operation of head, tail and door warning lights. I am loath to sell them, but my Top Deck layout Kent Coast theme has no place for them – sadly.

Anyway, it remains for me to wish all of my readers a peaceful but fun Christmas. May Santa bring you the Bachmann 4-CEP et. al. that you have been wishing for. Me? I have a new cycling jacket from Sarah to unwrap tomorrow :-))


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