More lovely N gauge for Dapol fans.

Drool alert! Special edition Class 153, 153329 (DCC 6-pin interface socket, chassis with all wheel drive, lighting bar connection and super creep slow speed motor) in Devon & Cornwall Rail Partnership colours as operated by Wessex Trains is due for release soon! This Dapol model will be available as a limited edition model only through Kernow Models whose limited editions usually have a Cornish theme to them.St. Ives bay scenes, as applied to the full size trains using vinyls, are beautifully printed on the model. This is the former inner end with new cab. The usual high technical specifications have been applied to this Class 153 including all wheel pick-up of track current and simple conversion to DCC – just pop the roof off to find both the DCC socket and lighting board socket. The motor is fitted low in the chassis frame enabling the fitting of passenger compartment detail. The uninterrupted view through the very effective flush glazing is a defining feature of Dapol Class 153s (and Class 156s). As always, it’s going to move quickly, Dapol is building up a real following, and whether the railways of Cornwall are a chosen modelling subject or not, this attractive little model won’t hang around for long!

As if that not enough to throw you into N gauge modelling, and the Class 153 runs beautifully by the way, here’s another book set and supporting Mk.3 coaches to drool over…

The book set consist of a DVT and three MK.3 FO coaches dressed in Virgin Trains’ colours as applied to Voyagers and WCML Pendolinos.  Painting is sharp and I particularly like the silver – it’s just right for the scale. Coaches are numbered: 11007, 11018 and 11048. The DVT is numbered 82126 and fitted with pick ups, working lights, DCC interface socket and detailing parts.

To support the book set are three separate. Mk.3 TSO coaches numbered 12011, 12078 and 12133. The finish on these is as good as on the book set – a lovely match.Dapol has indicated that it will release the missing coaches, including the catering car IF demand warrants it. If you want those coaches, then make your desires known to Dapol!

Dapol will be attending the big Model Rail show at the SECC Glasgow at the end of February – it should be a great chance to see its future releases for 2010. In the meantime, it never ceases to amaze the hobby how Dapol can turn round such high quality models so quickly from its small premises in North East Wales!


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