Please remember: Images are copyright…

February 21, 2010

This picture was grabbed by someone for commercial use recently, without my permission,  in connection with a new static grass product and applicator which was not actually used to create the depicted scene. The comment was that the picture is in the public domain, therefore fair game. This is erroneous on several counts and all images on my web site, Word Press or otherwise, are subject to the usual copyright rules.

Suggesting that the scene had been created with the product concerned could have put me at risk from action by the company (Noch) whose product WAS used to create the above scene by the suggestion that a competing product was actually used instead. In advertising, organisations and companies must be VERY careful about how goods are represented.

If there is an image you like on any of my web pages and would like to take a copy for more than simple personal modelling or research purposes, contact me first – period. After all, the images on this site are low resolution and I might have a better hi-res version of it available for use if its use is deemed appropriate. In the meantime, please respect the copyright of Word Press and my personal photographic work.


Woodland Scenics arrives at Nairnshire Modelling Supplies

February 17, 2010

As part of our plan to expand the range of products at Nairnshire Modelling Supplies, we have become official stockists of Woodland Scenics. This is in addition to our other recent developments in bringing in Kadee Couplings, developing our own transfers, adding Phoenix Paints to the range and expanding the number of Carr’s products we stock. The idea is to offer the broadest range of general modelling materials we possibly can which should appeal to most modellers, from N gauge to O gauge. The Woodland Scenics range will be added to the web site as soon as we have cleared the Model Rail show.

Preparation for the big Model Rail show at the SEC is now well in hand with the development of these ranges. From what we can tell from the hall plan, we will be on the left hand side of the hall, half way down on stand 23. It should be a really packed stand will all sorts of goodies, so if you are looking for any of the following:

Woodland Scenics, Kadee couplers, Kadee magnets, Phoenix Paints including the weathering and steam era colours, Phoenix Paints masking tape, thinners, primer and other support products, electronics including components for DCC such as ‘Scotchlok’ connectors, cable and LEDs, Carr’s, C&L products, glues, adhesives, solvents, high quality hand tools, our own transfers, HMRS transfers, S-Kits, Springside, Xuron, Markits, Mashima motors…the list of what we stock is becoming pretty vast. We will squeeze it all onto the stand – I hope! Look out for our bright blue signs.

With the addition of Kadees to the range, we are now receiving many more enquiries from US-outline modellers to stock products to support their modelling activities. We know from our own modelling activities how difficult it is to buy certain items here in the UK, so this is something Sarah and I are giving careful consideration to. We will look at those things that can be used by British and European outline modellers as well so to have universal appeal, certainly at the start to see how much support there really is.

Back to the work bench…

February 5, 2010

Is it a kit bash? Or a conversion? Possibly a kit bashed conversion. A new project for completion this year is a Class 114 parcels unit which uses an old Lima Class 117 as a base model to which a Craftsman Models Class 114 conversion kit is applied. Except…I have converted the conversion kit by cutting chunks out of the brass sides to accommodate roller shutter doors.

One of the two Class 117 vehicles being used for this project is a centre car. The conversion kit provides a ‘Derby’ cab etch together with a cast roof section which has to be grafted onto one end of a centre car. This conversion is going to take some time and I am only as far as fitting the doors and window plating…but it’s fun to do and will make an interesting addition to my mail and parcels stock collection.

Class 156:

The Class 156 I converted and detailed with a Hurst Models conversion pack is back on sale. I listed it on Ebay a few weeks ago and realised I had peaked too soon: some important class-specific detail relating to 156484 was missing and therefore it was withdrawn until this work could be completed OMWB. The front gangway doors are now correct and some other small items were added too. I was also unhappy with the snow plough fitting and they have been removed, tidied up and fitted correctly with the brackets on the outside of the head stocks. A lot of hours have gone into this project!

More Kadee products for Nairnshire Modelling Supplies have arrived.

February 3, 2010

Another big box of Kadee quality products has arrived – a box full of stuff which will further strengthen our stocking levels and introduce new items to the range. Customer requests have included whisker couplers and we will be stocking #146 and #148 to start in response. Also included in this order are #309 hidden electromagnet un-couplers, the ever useful #241 Kadee dual tool and the excellent #236 ‘Speedi’ loco wheel cleaner, one of the best of this type we have seen.

All of the new items are now listed on the Nairnshire Modelling Supplies web site! Remember, Kadees are the best couplers in the world and have been around for many years; a proven design made in the USA!