Back to the work bench…

Is it a kit bash? Or a conversion? Possibly a kit bashed conversion. A new project for completion this year is a Class 114 parcels unit which uses an old Lima Class 117 as a base model to which a Craftsman Models Class 114 conversion kit is applied. Except…I have converted the conversion kit by cutting chunks out of the brass sides to accommodate roller shutter doors.

One of the two Class 117 vehicles being used for this project is a centre car. The conversion kit provides a ‘Derby’ cab etch together with a cast roof section which has to be grafted onto one end of a centre car. This conversion is going to take some time and I am only as far as fitting the doors and window plating…but it’s fun to do and will make an interesting addition to my mail and parcels stock collection.

Class 156:

The Class 156 I converted and detailed with a Hurst Models conversion pack is back on sale. I listed it on Ebay a few weeks ago and realised I had peaked too soon: some important class-specific detail relating to 156484 was missing and therefore it was withdrawn until this work could be completed OMWB. The front gangway doors are now correct and some other small items were added too. I was also unhappy with the snow plough fitting and they have been removed, tidied up and fitted correctly with the brackets on the outside of the head stocks. A lot of hours have gone into this project!


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