Please remember: Images are copyright…

This picture was grabbed by someone for commercial use recently, without my permission,  in connection with a new static grass product and applicator which was not actually used to create the depicted scene. The comment was that the picture is in the public domain, therefore fair game. This is erroneous on several counts and all images on my web site, Word Press or otherwise, are subject to the usual copyright rules.

Suggesting that the scene had been created with the product concerned could have put me at risk from action by the company (Noch) whose product WAS used to create the above scene by the suggestion that a competing product was actually used instead. In advertising, organisations and companies must be VERY careful about how goods are represented.

If there is an image you like on any of my web pages and would like to take a copy for more than simple personal modelling or research purposes, contact me first – period. After all, the images on this site are low resolution and I might have a better hi-res version of it available for use if its use is deemed appropriate. In the meantime, please respect the copyright of Word Press and my personal photographic work.


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