Concurrent projects.

Colas Rail Class 47s are popular with modellers and that point was highlighted by one of those work bench co-incidences. I acquired ViTrains Class 47 for a detail and weathering project, the first time I have tackled a simple (minimalist) makeover of this model. My choice was , 47 739 ‘Robin of Templecombe; although I could have chosen one of the limited edition packs representing two of the other Colas Rail Class 47s. Whilst working on this model, my friend Matt Wassell, of Norwood Park layout fame was contemplating the same project, unbeknown to me. He is located in Ashford, I am in Nairn, hundreds of miles apart.

Anyway, here’s my attempt at making something of what is a very good model despite the variously awkward detailing parts and a somewhat plasticity appearance from the box. This link here goes to Matt’s site which shows his Colas Rail 47s under development, starting with 47 749. Both project are based on retaining the original livery, yet both models will look quite different based on the different materials and techniques used. I attempted to use as many of the supplied parts as possible whilst Matt has hybridised his model with parts from Heljan Class 47s and sprung buffers by Markits.Apart from the bogie detailing parts which eventually gave up the fight to stay separate from the model thanks to Zap Poly glue; the ViTrains Class 47 is pretty straightforward to work on, the body is easy to remove from the chassis and everything went back together again with ease. Perhaps I should look more closely at this model…


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