Spine road bed…

After a period of little progress on the N gauge Montana Rail Link layout whilst I worked out how to complete the wets end of the run, work has started on the second phase of the lower deck, with spline road bed being used to create the 4th and 10th Sub lines.  I am using relatively expensive strip wood which is strong and stable; easier to use than ripping thin strips of hard board into individual splines. Also, the increased strength means the track bed does not need to be solid, as seen in the pictures, saving much material. The flowing curves that result are very pleasing to the eye too, more natural and with an inherent form of transition to the curvature.

More detail at the inner end of the peninsula. The loose piece of strip shows the likely route of the 10th Sub line which will share this baseboard, running  along the front with the single track 4th Sub line behind in a more subservient position. On the opposite side of the peninsula, the relative position of each line is reversed.

Looking up the length of the peninsula: the spine road bed looks really good; I am pretty pleased with the results so far. This form of laminating is very strong and a very effective way of building interesting track bed formations. Any high spots are rubbed down with a ‘Sureform’ tool and finished with abrasive paper before the cork track bed is glued in place.

As I was working on these pictures, the post man delivered a very interesting box which contains some Class 86s – in N gauge! I will post some pictures later – exciting stuff!


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