Track goes down..

The 4th Sub mainline on my MRL N scale layout is moving ahead again – at last, with new track being laid yesterday.

There’s a little bit of adjustment to do to the track in two places, to improve the ‘flow’, but initial tests show some very satisfactory operation. Note the use of the Scotchlok suitcase connectors – we have a goodly supply of them now, making them economical to use at last, saving a great deal of time. Another interesting point highlighted by this picture is that taking images of the layout as work progresses soon points out potential issues which might not be obvious to the eye, such as the slight wobble in the track.

Round the end of the peninsula…this trackage will be ‘off-scene’. The curve is 16.5inch radius, the minimum allowed on the layout’s mainline. The track is laid on double sided foam ‘camper’ tape.

A view of the peninsula, lower deck with the spine road bed leading to plywood for a passing loop siding and other features which will represent Lothrop MT.


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