Bones! In N gauge.

Not long to wait now for the brand new Dapol Class 58 which enjoys a sneak preview here thanks to the kind assistance of David Jones at Dapol.The Railfreight Coal version dressed as 58 042. The detailing parts included in the package were not added for this picture, the loco being so fresh out of the box. A little job for me to do this afternoon perhaps?EWS is represented by 58 037 – nicely finished in maroon and gold. Cab detail which includes flush glazing, standalone detailing for handrails, jumper cable detail and buffer beam detail (in separate packet). The models run beautifully with fine super-creep motor control.Overall, the proportions look good, capturing the character of the locomotive very well indeed. The drive is powerful and low geared for freight operations too, which will suit most operating situations. It has some nice details including etched grilles, LED powered running lights and some very good-looking underframe details. Note that the Class 58 has a narrow body, so squeezing in a decent-sized motor is an excellent achievement. This is another well-proportioned and much anticipated model from Dapol. Don’t wait too long to place an order with your model shop – they, like so many other models in the Dapol range, will be snapped up pretty quickly!


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