Timber buildings…

During a recent visit to the West Country, I dropped in to see Brian Lewis of C+L Finescale fame. We disappeared into his photo studio for a while to take pictures of various models including the buildings illustrated here. As you can see, Brian is working on a fascinating project to develop a range of laser cut timber building kits of British prototypes. There’s a leaning towards the Great Western Railway, but other prototypes and non railway buildings are also likely to be developed. The GWR station building shown above demonstrates the concept and broad scope of this technique which is very commonly used in North America.
The kits are readily available, in 4mm and 7mm scale and details can be found at www.timbertracks.co.uk. Brian also works on special commissions, provided there is adequately researched reference material available. One such project currently on Brian’s laser machine are buildings for a model of Weymouth, including the station train shed.

The buildings shown in this post are all 4mm scale. The 7mm scale ones are pretty big, so we decided to take only the smaller ones to the studio for photography. The potential is pretty vast, especially for bespoke projects. Assembly of one of the kits is a project I have to do for BRM, the first time I will have tackled a hi-fidelity laser timber kit. It going to be an interesting project and a significant step out of the box for me!


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