Top Deck Layout – some scenery.

The Top Deck Layout is absorbing a lot of scenery materials, especially at the west end where the line runs in the ‘Ashford’ direction. This is the view as of yesterday evening, with the scenic ‘disguise’ hiding the back ground tracks leading into one of the two fiddle yards. This area of the layout was always to be a challenge to scenic convincingly, especially given the narrow shelf layout design. However, progress looks good and there’s around 80 trees to plant in this area, all made from a mixture of sea foam and Woodland Scenics Fine Leaf Foliage. Stuck together with dilute matte medium.

It’s interesting to compare the scene above with the state of affairs just a few months ago:

Amazing what some backdrop and landscaping work can achieve. Referring to the top image, the Tortoise point motor and throat to the ‘Dover’ fiddle yard is now hidden and the scenic unit doing that job is removable, just in case. It will feature the tops of trees or ‘canopy’ so there is no hillside feature on that side of the line.

I have to admit, painting details on that back drop was a challenge, something I have never tackled before…


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