Planting trees…

A forest of sea foam trees is growing on the Top deck. I grabbed a quick picture half way through the planting of around 80 trees for this corner of the layout, partly for an update and partly to see how photographs would turn out. Nothing is running at the moment, the masking tape engineers have been at it again! Matte medium is my preferred medium for gluing down scenery products, and some is still visible in this shot. It dries clear and is great for applying the shrubs and bushes to the front of this stand of weed trees. The idea is to achieve that ‘wall of trees’ effect, seen on so much of the former BR Southern Region, where trees grow almost up to the line and in some areas, have been known to brush against the side of trains. For me, this provides the perfect scenic break in a location on my layout where there is no tunnel or over-bridge to take advantage of.

This late 1980s shot of hybrid 4-Vep No.3169 taken at Dover shows the back ground hill colour on a shaded sunlight day. No more tree planting will be done until I have made a slight colour adjustment to the back scene based on photographs taken in the area. A light wash of green is needed to tone down the distant chalk hillside behind the trees and I may add in a little more relief too. I have plenty of opportunity to practice this because the rest of the layout remains to be treated!


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