Crash-landed bumble bees.

International Rescue! In the form of Thunderbird 5: one teaspoon and some honey.

Not the expensive local Nairn honey, mind you! No, they seem to prefer the cheap squeezy stuff!

Bumble bees crash land when they run out of energy and we are usually on alert for them during inclement weather. They struggle in strong winds and cooler than normal weather while doing their thing around the flowers; eventually finding themselves caught out without any way of resupplying their critical energy reserves. Yesterday, following two days of unusually windy but very warm weather due to a deep weather depression passing just to the north west of Scotland, Sarah found this one: cold, tired and probably about at the end.

Sarah made the rescue and, following a brief objection in the form of a waved middle leg (as aggressive as it gets), it sat on her fingers, lapping up honey for about ten minutes before lifting off and heading for the flowers. For when one becomes exhausted, it matters not how many flowers you have in the garden. They are too tired to forage for pollen and nectar and a few feet of space may be as far as five miles to them.

So, if you find a struggling bumble on your patio, gently pick it up on a piece of paper or your finger (they are intelligent enough to know not to sting unless really threatened) and fetch some honey. The majority of them will refuel and thank you for it.


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