Secret project…a picture

A Google Earth-like look at my ‘Secret Project’ currently lurking in the cabin: a portable (not necessarily designed for exhibition use) UK-outline N gauge layout. An island design with scenes on both sides and fiddle yard at the left end, inspired by scenes from the Grand Junction line through the West Midlands. I must confess that 4mm scale fine scale end-to-end layouts bore me these days, as fine a layout concept it is; but I have built one too many and my EM gauge Dudley Heath Yard layout is being dismantled and the stock built for it sold to make room for this compact N gauge project.

It can be run as a point to point or a continuous run as the mood takes me. It’s nice to watch trains pass by as if I was line-siding! The next task is to fit the back drops to separate the two scenes and the fiddle yard from each other. There is scope for an extension to the top left for additional staging or even a narrow shelf section of line leading to storage sidings. The plan is still in that development stage for home use. As an exhibition layout, it is a discrete unit and can easily be transported in the back of my now ageing For. It takes no time at all to set up and play. So now you know why I have spent little time on my blog – too busy planning and modelling!


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