When I am not playing with model trains…

I avoided the big NEC crush to spend time up some mountains over the weekend. I went out with the Moray Mountaineering Club and tackled three Munroes in the Drumochter area (Dalnaspidal Forest) west of the A9. The picture above shows a pause for navigation on the route to the first summit, Sgairneach Mhor, at 991 metres, with its trig point. Conditions were challenging and my walking companion, Ray, is navigating at this point.

Next was Beinn Udlamain at 1011 metres where cloud and snow resulted in near white-out conditions. No guessing: out with compass and map.

From there, it was a short walk to Glas-choire, partway along the ridge (about 3.5Km) to the last of three peaks: A’ Mharconaich at 975 metres before descending the long ridge north east of the peak down to Balsporran Cottages on the A9 and a meet with the bus and everyone else. Despite the lack of views, it was a great day out and I completed the peaks in 6 hours and 30 minutes. A walk like that soon reveals where kit needs to be checked and upgraded, and I was grateful to my walking companion for his assistance in brushing up my navigation skills! Oh, and not a model train in sight!


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