Dapol N gauge HST power cars (and another ‘Can’)

Dapol’s first HST book set consisting of two power cars, one of which has the DVT buffers, together with two trailers has arrived – near enough! This is the first of a batch of releases which will have many an N gauge modeller reaching for their wallets, I am sure. The tooling is crisp and with a lot of detail too. Here’s a batch of photographs of the HST model. I have included a couple of another Class 86 too – this time in the new Freightliner colours.The DVT version with draw gear as 43 067.

43 071 with full fairing.

The guards compartment with small window and inner door detail.

Exquisite roof detail too and correct for the Virgin Cross Country power cars. The models have excellent lighting with no leakage into the cabs, 6-pin DCC socket in both powered and unpowered power cars together with a smooth fine control motor, all wheel current pick-up and powerful performance.

How’s this for a striking model? A Dapol Class 86 dressed in the new 2010 Freightliner scheme. The model sports a roof fire extinguisher unit and Dapol’s new pantograph.

The pantograph is an excellent representation of a Stone Faiveley type and the detail and construction is very fine. Overall, and as promised, Dapol seems to be making great headway with some exciting releases. I am looking forward to the Network Rail HST power cars as there is an interesting vinyl overlay project that can be done to create the five NR Measurement Train trailers using Adam Warr’s vinyl overlays.


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