Project layout: back scenes

With three layouts on the go at the same time, dividing time between them takes a little management. One is my British outline N gauge project layout ‘Dudley Heath’ which replaces my attempts to do a Black Country type theme in EM gauge in favour of dedicating my 4mm scale resources to Folkestone East (the second of the three layouts). After completing the ‘problem corner’ on the Folkestone East project, I have decided to complete controls, back scenes and landforms for the little Dudley Heath layout. After extensive testing of track, clearances and the basic power bus wiring comes the first of the necessary structure to support the landscape.

The work follows the usual pattern of risers from the main baseboard frames with sheet material, plywood in this case, glued to them. This layout is designed to be portable, so something stronger than fibre board or hard board is required. I used the latter on Folkestone East to reduce cost because that layout is not going anywhere, so such durability is not so vital. The view above shows one scene receiving a narrow backdrop up to which an embankment will be constructed. The three staging yard tracks to the rear will be hidden underneath the landscape but not inaccessible.

An end board is measured to fit ready for profiling and installation of a Digitrax UP5 so a Utility Throttle (UT4) can be connected for control at the end opposite from the control bridge.

The ‘control bridge’ spanning part of the fiddle yard with a further view of back scene construction. Once all this work is complete and the controller bus fitted too, the layout can move onto basic land form creation,  fascias, structure modelling and scenery including track ballast.


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