DBS ‘Canadian’ Class 67

A very flashy-looking Dapol N gauge Class 67 landed on my desk this week: 67 018 named ‘Keith Heller decorated in Canadian National red livery’.Dapol must be well on its way to producing one of every Class 67 and almost in every livery variant too, either as a powered model or un-powered. It’s an interesting take on the Class 67 because the deep body side is considerably more pronounced in a plain colour, unlike EWS livery where the gold band breaks it up a little.

Printing and livery finishing is tight, sharp and accurate when compared to photographs of the full size locomotive. It came with etched nameplates applied and the usual bag of parts and components to detail the buffer beam.

DBS 67 018 has been used in connection with the EWS manager’s train and various other ‘prestige’ workings. Given the popularity of this award winning model, Dapol has chosen a popular, up-to-date livery scheme which looks great on the model. Coupled to the smooth performing mechanism, working lights and simple to use 6-pin DCC interface socket, it’s value for money too.


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