Dapol’s Grand Central HST

A further development of Dapol’s popular HST is the Grand Central version with power cars numbered 43 423 and 43 484. The models are supplied in a lovely book set with two Mk.3 trailers: a First Open and a Standard Class trailer. Here’s a few pictures of the models with its striking black and orange livery. Both power cars are buffer fitted as per the surrogate HST DVTs.
The powered car is fitted with Dapol’s slow ‘creep’ performance motor and gearing which enables a scale 125mph top speed to be achieved, yet have superior slow speed control at the other end of the model’s performance. Lighting is standard with no evidence of light leakage into the cab. The livery application is smooth, nicely finished with a slight shine and printing is as sharp as it gets. My thanks to Dave Jones at Dapol for allowing a preview of this forthcoming release!


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