First Great Western HST – N gauge model with dazzle stripes!

Dapol’s FGW HST in blue with dazzle stripes is not far from hitting the shops. It’s has been approved by the company itself and represents the livery version with a black roof.Power cars 43015 and 43168 are represented by the models in the book set together with trailers 41132 and 42073.The powered vehicle (43015)  features Dapol’s five pole fine speed (aka ‘super creep’) motor and all-wheel drive which is capable of handling a full length train including the second and un-motorised power car (43168).Highly acclaimed: HST Mk.3 trailers with their close coupling mechanisms, light bar connections, end of axle current collection and in the case of the FGW set, featuring some amazingly fine livery detail printing.Additional trailers will be available to go with the book set and Dapol reports good progress on its catering car model. A TGS trailer, specific to the HST, is also receiving attention.The power cars are fitted with good technical features: DCC interface socket, forward and reverse lighting with no light leakage in the cab space or through the body shell moulding, end of axle current pick-up and class-specific details. I hope you enjoy the pictures and, in the meantime, the NR Measurement Train yellow HSTs are keenly anticipated!


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