Windhoff MPV…

It grabs the eye no matter how you look at: the Bachmann 4mm scale Windhoff MPV must take the prize as one of the more challenging prototypes to produce as a ready to run model and it is fair to say that it is a remarkable effort indeed. Some might be disparaging about the circuit board placement on the powered vehicle (it has to go somewhere); others may wish to have the weed spraying modules rather than those supplied with both version of the model. Not surprising given that most of us model spring and summer months, although the Rail Head Treatment modules might inspire some Autumn layouts with Autumn colour and leaf fall.As models go, its going to be popular with those building compact and portable layouts – something different to the hoards of multiple unit passenger trains that are usually chosen and suited to that type of modern layout:  Class 158s, 170s and so on. Bachmann’s MPV has a multitude of lovely features including the single decoder operation of both vehicles of the set thanks to through electrical connections in the couplings and the ability to load it with any ISO standard container or module;  under floor motor, room for a digital sound speaker and a hoard of individual details – all well put together.

I hope you enjoy the photographs of both the Railtrack and the patched Network Rail MPVs which give a taste of what is, in my opinion, the most remarkable OO gauge d&e model of 2011 and with Hornby’s 4-Vep and the Bachmann 2EPB as contenders, that is saying something! Now about that N gauge model…Technical stuff:

Water tank(s), RHTT water jet module, generator, Sandite and de-icing modules:

More shots of the MPV:

Side on views:


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