Hornby’s 4-Vep breaks cover…

Despite the usual frenzied preparation for an exhibition – St. Andrews this weekend – time was found to set up the lights to photograph Hornby’s new 4-Vep EMU on my EM gauge Folkestone East layout. Looking at the bogies, the use of internal bearings and blind axles, together with the use of a non-standard axle diameter, conversion to EM gauge may prove challenging! For the moment, pictures are staged by balancing the OO gauge wheels on the rails – just about get away with it.

Although an enthusiastic follower of the Network South East era, the plain 1970s BR blue version (above), with its orange curtains and aluminium window frames looks far better to my eye – whilst a drab-looking livery, it suits the model well.

Martello Tunnel portal at the Dover end of the layout. The 4-Vep is an important ‘signature’ unit for the layout. A key release for this year as far as I am concerned! It will work alongside my old 1980s vintage 4-Vep built from an MJT conversion kit.

Round the curve from the Folkestone Central direction – the curve is brought closer to Folkestone East on the layout so it would all fit my available space. Based on the months of test running, there are plans to revise the rear fiddle yards a little, to further facilitate the running of EMUs.

Folkestone East signal box needs finishing too! But, with the main exhibition season coming on, I may be a little pushed, so making progress on the layout may require some creative time management!


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