New pans for the Dapol ‘Cans’.

Little known are the new N gauge (1:148 scale) pantographs developed by Dapol for its AC electric locomotive models (plus others) such as the Class 86. They are now being routinely fitted to all new models. However, the first batches of Class 86s were fitted with a stand-in pan and Dapol now offers twin packs of its own Stone Faiveley and Brecknell Willis pans for those who wish to fit a more authentic pan to their Class 86s.

Each blister pack contains one of each – perfect for the Dapol ‘Cans’ and even reworking the Bachmann Class 87 and Class 90. They cost £6.07 per pair at the time of writing (extremely good value) and can be bought direct from the Dapol web site.

To fit, simply pull the body away from the chassis, taking care not to dislodge the internal wiring.

Release the original pan with a small screwdriver, from the inside. Disconnect the wiring at the micro plugs to make life easier if you wish.

The new pans simply screw in place of the originals. A screw is supplied with the new pans, so don’t worry if you loose the original one. It’s a tad fiddly, but this easy conversion should take just a few minutes per loco.

The Stone Faiveley pantographs are shown on the two Dapol N gauge Class 86s which are being prepared for the Inverness & District MRC exhibition in a couple of weeks’ time. I am reserving the Brecknell Willis pans for a couple of Bachmann locos.

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