N Gauge Class 26…

Dapol’s all-new N gauge (1:148 scale) Class 26 is now more than a display case sample and one was kindly sent over by Dave Jones for review in BRM. Here’s a handful of pictures…to keep you going…it’s a lovely looking model and I always thought that BR Coal Sector livery suited it well. The model captures the small but workman-like feel of the locomotives and I suspect a few Scottish Region layouts may be the result of this development.Plus the new, refined packaging sleeves previewed in my last post. Has the era of orange and purple boxes gone?

Testing the model on my test track – smooth performance and good slow speed control as always. Notably commendable are the illuminated marker lights and tail lights with no light leakage through the body or cab. 6-pin DCC interface socket, clean electrical paths from bogies to motor via phosphor bronze contacts and a heavy die-cast chassis. I very much like the underframe equipment, which has a lot of good detail and the ‘face ‘ of the model looks really good too. Other features include the fine etched side radiator grilles, recessed but separately applied cab door handrails and era -specific details such as the radio telephone pods on the cab roof. Small add-on details include the air and vacuum pipes. Look out for it in model shops from September onwards!


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