More MacRats!

A ‘production’ (as opposed to a pilot scheme) Class 26 now emerges from Dapol in N gauge, with the detail changes to to suit. Detail is as per a late era locomotive (1980s) with modified windows and removal of reporting discs. At the same time, Dapol kindly allowed me a look at its BR green era Class 26 model which is supplied with separate head code discs and the correct oval buffers. Numbered D5301, it represents an pilot scheme loco.

I have not fitted the discs to the green model just yet. The gangway doors are modelled along with all of the marker lights too. A DCC socket is included as part of the electronics which will keep those marker lights burning if desired!Note the differences in the two models: shoulder grilles, fan grilles, buffers and cab front detail. The late era version of Class 26s, both pilot scheme and production batch locos lost the train reporting discs and the cab door windows.

It’s a very attractive model in any colour but don’t let it’s cute looks fool you – tests on a large layout and under exhibition conditions demonstrated that the mechanism under the body was very competent. The five pole motor, all wheel drive , all wheel current collection via stub axles and a big die-cast chassis frame produced superb running and haulage.

Railfreight red stripe livery: a popular scheme and one that sits on the model beautifully!NEM coupling pockets are part of the model’s specification. Couplings are easily unplugged and the headstocks detailed with the detailing parts included in the box.A great addition to the Dapol range and one that is tempting from the layout building angle. Now living where I do in the Scottish Highlands – should I?


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