Hubble ‘Bubble Car’

A Western Region delight – the Class 121 ‘Bubble Car’ in N gauge by Dapol, another Autumn release to drool over and the first of two single car units that have been in development for a while now, the Class 122 being the other.The design is the same as previous multiple unit releases from Dapol including the underfloor drive mechanism allowing the modelling of most of the interior.

The roof is easily unclipped from the body allowing the fitting of a light bar in the roof. The standard Dapol light bar design simply plugs into the circuit board which is concealed, together with the 6-pin DCC connection, in the luggage van/guards end of the car.Detail is well defined and subtle, including the door hinges, handles and framing whilst the body shape is nicely profiled, including the shape of the ‘Derby’ cab. Roof detail has the panel joins represented by shallow grooves.Under frame detail is well cut in and defined given that part of it is used to hide the underfloor mechanism.In all, a great looking model with excellent technical features ensuring reliable running and power collection. Some modelling budgets are likely to be strained by this recent development and I hear Dapol has more to announce this morning too, so hold onto your hats!


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