‘Day and Night’ Class 66

Wow! That’s some printing job in N gauge. It’s a Dapol Class 66 finished as GBRf 66 720 with it’s special ‘Day and Night’ graphics applied to the sides – the result of a competition for children of GB Railfreight staff.The dark side of the model. In other words, the ‘Night’ graphic showing moon and stars – pretty bright in reality.On the lighter side: the ‘Day’ graphic with hills, rainbow colours and birds.

Apart from the locomotive body sides, the rest of the locomotive is finished in GB Railfreight colours with orange cabs, blue roof and the new company logos. On a model, it is strangely attractive!

I guess the idea of the design is to show that GB Railfreight operates both day and night. Some die-hard enthusiasts may find such colourful graphics a little startling and not to their taste; however it is a one-off and who knows how long the locomotive will wear these graphics? In the meantime, Dapol has really done a great job of them, recreating the vibrant colours on both sides of its low emission Class 66 version of its model with sharp printing over the fluted sides of the locomotive. The model itself has the usual features including 6-pin DCC connection, full lighting and a slow control motor. Will it make it onto Dudley Heath, I wonder?

Progress on Dudley Heath

The N gauge layout will be heading to The Festival of British Railway Modelling exhibition in February, warts and all. The event is held at the Doncaster Racecourse and is only a few weeks’ away. I had to pull my finger out and make some progress on some important features including the station platforms at Dudley Heath which are now complete following some messy work with Hydrocal and pigments.

It’s great fun doing this sort of structure modelling. The appearance of the layout is transformed pretty quickly by the addition of structures and civil engineering features. Ballasting is complete now the platforms are in place and other engineering features built in, including cable ducting troughs and equipment box bases.


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